About The 60th

Michigan’s 60th House District consists of the entire City of Kalamazoo, all of Kalamazoo Township, and a small portion of the City of Portage. We are a district of diverse people who value education, safe neighborhoods, well maintained infrastructure, equity, and protecting the natural beauty of our many green spaces. We are the home of Western Michigan University and the Kalamazoo Promise. District 60 is also home to many thriving businesses and prides itself on being a place of economic as well as educational opportunity. I look forward to representing this district that I am so proud to call home as your next Democratic State Representative in Lansing. I hope to earn your vote on August 4.

Where is the 60th district?

  • Kalamazoo city

  • Kalamazoo Township (part)

  • Portage city (part)

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