Criminal Justice Reform

Justice is both a moral and a legal issue. Many politicians talk about being tough on crime, but in order to be tough on crime, it is essential to be serious about justice. The system must work fairly for everyone. In order to make this happen we must take a hard look at the system’s inequities and acknowledge the role that racism and socio-economic standing play in policing policies. During my time as a County Commissioner I helped procure a grant from MacArthur Family Foundation for Kalamazoo County with the aim to reduce the number of young adults in our county jail.

I’ve also worked with partners to re-establish the Kalamazoo Criminal Justice Council (KCJC), which focuses on reducing incarceration. I support equitable policies that keep non-violent offenders out of the prison system, which allows them to remain productive members of their communities and frees up much needed law enforcement resources. I have worked and will continue to work on policies that promote rehabilitation, thus reducing recidivism while also strengthening safety in our neighborhoods.